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The game has been in development over the last 7 years as a hobby and try to kickstart a career. Alot of the game development has been spare time / when have have the money but over the last few years the game has taken some big steps such as:

  • Getting through steam greenlight and beginning sales
  • Keeping regular updates and feedback on whats happening
  • Large content updates to improve performance graphics and content

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Wise Owl Studios

We are a small delelopment studio making games that everyone can enjoy.

Right now we are developing an MMO that aims to do whatever you want in with a high amount of specialised crafting,combat quests and social areas to find friends and listen to music.As well as players interactions effecting game lore going forward.

There are 2 upcoming games which is Elemental World the sacrifice and Exon Explorers.

Exon explorers will be a point and click like games such as monkey island while the other is a standard 3rd person RTS. these two games are on backburner for now due to small development team and lack of funds but all games will be set in the same game world.

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