There will be 5 Main races to start with

  1. Human
  2. Elf
  3. Dwarf
  4. Windwalker
  5. Atlantean


When the humans first started out they used natural caves and tall trees as shelter and used crude weaponry made from rocks and sticks.One day some humans met the dwarfs and traded some there knowledge of fire for ores. The humans advanced there weaponry and also started to build shelters with the new tools they have acquired and made.As the other races traded with the humans they learned many things like farming and better ways to do combat and build.As they started doing research most of it was in developing weapons and getting the most items as cheaply as possible with as little as possible. As time went on the humans were known for their ability to mass produce most items and their trading skills and weapon research.Because of this the largest of towns and cities have more health problems from the smoke and fumes produced as well as cramped living areas.


When the elven race started out they stayed to the forests using its natural cover and food supplies.As the other races met the elf’s they traded there knowledge of the environment and survival for things like tools.As they gained the tools and skills they started to farm there food and research the plants and animals to create better clothing and armours as well as new foods,new ways to farm.Eventually the race learned the basics of solar power from the plants but could not harness it and they started to expand to new areas and research into different environments and ways to live with nature.The elf’s were known for there environmental research and advanced farming knowledge and they continued trading with the races and advancing there research into there element.


When the dwarfs first started out they used natural caves for shelter and built into the rocks and mountains.They learned how to make bronze from the guardian but as they didn’t have many ways of breaking rocks to start most of the bronze materials toke a while to find and make but they turned it into pickaxes and started to mine more.As they mined they discovered more rocks and minerals which they stockpiled as didn’t know what to do with them yet and researched there properties.Eventually some humans and elf’s appeared and they traded some supplies and knowledge.The humans taught how to make stronger fire and better refining methods and the elf’s traded there ores and some better mining tools for the dwarfs gems and knowledge in creating some unique tools.The dwarfs researched using there new knowledge and mined deeper and developed new tools and weapons with there research like a crude blasting powder.As time went on trade between the other races increased and the dwarfs gained a reputation for there weapon crafting as well as there advancements in gadgets and defensive technology.


The atlanteans started off building there homes underwater and on shallow waters and shores s to start they could not stay on land to long before drying to much but they wanted to expand onto the lands so started research into going onto land without drying too much.Eventually the scientist’s discovered a basic way to hold moisture and water so they could start to build on and.Soon after some traveling elf’s and dwarfs met one of the villages and traded some ores and minerals for fish and medicine.The scientists used these materials to craft a crude breathing tool that kept the water levels normal in them while being able to breathe and travel on land although the water tanks needed to be filled often.As time went on the atlanteans explored more in land and met and traded skills with the other races and eventually made a new breather that could gain moisture from the air meaning less refills and could live in land.Most atlanteans stayed near the waters and made homes and used there skills to fish,study and heal for a living while others traveled and lived inland.As time went on they mixed and traded with the other races and was known for there healing skills and advances in general technological research and medical skills.


The wind walkers mostly stayed in mountains and windy area as that is where they have the best use of there element.They lived of the plants and animals that lived in the mountains and areas they lived and started to do research into harnessing the air to fly and make shelters.As they was trying to figure out how to get the lift they met some dwarfs who traded some information and resources.As they started trades they found the humans fire knowledge was the key to get the lift needed and the elf’s knowledge of fabrics was useful in creating items to help in flight.The trades continued and the research was shared and eventually they mastered hot air and created balloons to live in.To start with most things that was trade was the local wildlife like rare mountain herbs and plants or knowledge in research or the elements.As there skills grew they traveled and tried to master flight but were unsuccessful.The race continued trades and research and became known for there advances and advanced research into flight and aeriel technology.