Game Guide


Q: is quest log

P: is inventory/profile

T: is for Spell book

O: for options menu

L: for skills list

Right click: Focuses camera for aiming spells like magic missle


Trading, messaging other players and adding friends can be done by press escape key to get cursor right click them to bring up the menu press escape again to get cursor back up and click the image u want such as trade etc

Basic survival as of 8/11/2017

To get food you can :

  • Kill deer just out city walls
  • Buy bread of vendors
  • Craft bread
  • Fish

Craft zones are

  • Potatos are next to the windmill
  • Inside the windmill is a potion making grinder and grinder to make flour
  • Buy the mine is some basic ore nodes and trees to mine
  • The basement of the INN has a cooking station to make bread
  • A blacksmith is found near the inn
  • herbs next to the deers to craft potions

Quest NPC

These can be found mostly by the inn and docks more coming soon

Monsters can be found inside crystal caves more coming soon

Zones being developed currently:

  • Links to the church and crypt are in but unpopulated right now
  • Links to steampunk city and island village coming soon